These are some of my continuing success stories. Below are Testimonies of people I have treated Remarkable things are happening before my eyes I have to try to share it withas many people as possible.
BRIAN (Ca.) MMA Fighter, (cage fighter- mixed martial arts), owner of Unbreakable Gyms in San Bernardino and Yucaipa:He has been a professional fighter for the past 16 years. He credits his last win on 2/27/2010 totally to Marie and the bio-magnetic treatments he has been receiving for the past few months. She has treated several of his fighters as well, for injuries and quick healing for an assortment of injuries. Not only did the treatments give him more stamina, clarity, focus and agility before the workouts and fight, he also healed more quickly after his fight quicker than he ever has before. He is rejuvenated now and working out for his next fighting event. He feels great and is really motivated for his next fight. He’s healed well and is rejuvenated or reborn again with a new enthusiasm that he hasn’t experienced in a while. It’s all good for him and his fighters now.
DON and DEE: (Ca) couple who had some ailments: Don had operations on his spine that left him hindered a bit. His main complaints were acute restless leg syndrome, not being able to sleep well and pains throughout his body. After a couple of months of treatments his restless leg syndrome ceased and he feels great and rests at night now better than he ever has for years. His wife Dee saw the remarkable results of his therapy that she wanted some treatments so she could feel great as well, and now she does and they are both doing well and recommending others to Marie

ANNETTE: (Ca. Semi retired health care professional: Referred by Don and Dee. She has breast cancer and suffers from a low pH. count. After her first treatment, actually within the first hour of her first treatment her pH level was raised to almost normal. She was so excited she couldn’t believe it. She has been trying for years to raise her pH level to normal. She has a huge tumor on her chest that is now shrinking and the swelling has diminished considerably, after only two treatments.

Frank & Lucy. (Ca.) These people are a couple of the best testimonial people for Marie. Frank’s back was injured over 20 years ago and he always had pain, and after a couple of treatments, the pain was gone. Lucy has had numerous issues that Marie has helped her with, like sore arms, back, legs, numbness, headaches and even a cyst the size of a lemon on her ovary. The pains, numbness and headaches are gone. The cyst has been shrunk to 4 tiny little cysts and may go away altogether. She avoided surgery and the discomfort and pain is gone. On Memorial Day in 2009, Frank was not feeling good. He had called and told his family and his brother who is a doctor in Puerto Rico, Marie found out about it so she decided to check in on him around 8:00 in the evening. She heard he was really sick due to the swine flu or maybe food poisoning. Marie was shocked to say the least when she arrived at his house in Beaumont. She found Frank barely incoherent, totally dehydrated, disorientated and he was a grayish blue color. He was barely able to crawl from his bedroom to the living room which is right next to each other. His equilibrium was gone and he’d been throwing up all day. Needless to say, the first thing Marie wanted to do was to take him to emergency to the hospital down the street, but he refused because his brother told him they might charge him a lot and also because his son was coming to get him and take him to there own doctor. Marie knew she had to do something, so she came home and grabbed her magnets and special drinks to make for him, and literally with in a half hour Frank was able to sit up and drink on his own. After two hours he was able to get up and go to the restroom and his color was coming back. Remember this was Memorial Day and for his son to get to franks home would be hours to pick up frank, His son finally got there around 1:30 am in the morning. Frank would never have made it back to see his doctor in Mexico. Come to find out, he had a heart attack and there was evidence of him having two heart attacks. Here it is middle of August and Marie has been treating him weekly, he looks better has more energy.
JACK: (Ca.) is an 83 year old friend of ours: He had polio and a bad leg with a shattered ankle that never healed right, always in pain. After 1st treatment he felt good and pain had diminished a lot. After 2nd treatment he was on the driveway jumping up and down cause he felt so good and no pain. After 3rd treatment he almost forgot his cane. He’s been going around without his cane more and more. Marie found out about his prostate cancer and started treating that and he will get test results in September. This guy is looking at least 10 years younger and he just recently got hooked up with an old girlfriend of his who is 60 and we just found out he proposed to her. He’s running around like a love struck teenager now. Really good to see the difference this has made in his life.

MARTA: (Ca.) a processor: Always suffering from migraine headaches and is losing eye sight. After one treatment in March of 2009 no more migraines and vision improved.

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER (Ca.) with multiple myeloma which unfortunately is incurable: He was scheduled for chemotherapy and radiation treatments he was introduced to Marie. He committed himself for six months of treatment with Marie to see what happens. After the first month of treatment, he had blood work done to see if there was any significant difference, his white blood cell count is down by over 400 count, his good and bad cholesterol is good. Since his treatments his doctor has postponed the chemo and radiation for a few more months! This is remarkably huge! The treatments are penetrating and curing the cancer in his bones.

Tracy: MS. (Mexico) has Multiple Sclerosis: This is a twenty seven year individual who was diagnosed at the age of twenty four with MS. She had migraines, no energy, numbness and pain in her hands, arms, legs and feet. It was hard for her to control her hands and fingers, and she had been prescribed a lot of medications including a weekly shot which she hated cause it made her feel very ill. She’s had a job at a bank for the past couple of years and missed a lot of work due to her illness and the ill effects of the shots. Now her pain is gone and she refuses the shots, she has a lot of energy now, not missing any work and she too is loving life again.

Anna: Stroke (Mexico): Anna in her sixties who had a stroke eight years ago and was left with a constricted left arm and hand that was stuck in the position of being curled up under her chin and her left leg was mostly paralyzed. After 1st treatment her arm straightened out and she was able to control the movements of it and she actually took four steps off the massage table to get back to her wheelchair. Before the 2nd treatment she was all excited to see Marie because she had started to get up and with the help of leaning on things she is able to walk around her bed and through different parts of the house.

Annabel ; FIBROMYALGIA. (Mexico): Had been suffering for years with chronic pain throughout her body and has had the feeling of exhaustion and total fatigue. This lady loves to see Marie now because of the great results in relieving her pain and her renewed energy. There are now a handful of fibromyalgia clients with great success. They think she is a saint.

MONIKA ; (Ca.) is a Hair Designer: Suffered from back pain and bone spurs in her feet. After 1st treatment she was dancing up and down stairs. After a few more treatments, no more pains at all.

JACQUELINE . (CA) is Marie’s daughter: Had an ingrown toenail that became abscessed and infected causing a lot of pain. Also received treatments for thyroid and pancreas and she has lost close to 50 lb. in a couple month’s time.

Louis (CA.) is a railroad worker:Suffered from back pain and after one treatment he feels like a new man with no back pain.

CARMENIA. (Mexico) had parasites:She’s twenty six and was feeling tired and wore out all the time. Her doctor told her she had a parasite but wasn’t sure what kind so he told her to get three different stool samples and bring them back to him. She had two samples and did the third one after her first treatment with Marie. After seeing the doctor it was confirmed that she had an amebic parasite that attacks your organs and eventually could be fatal if not caught in time. in any event the parasites were present in the first two samples, but not in the third.

LOUDA. (Mexico) has a broken coccyx: Has been suffering with a broken coccyx which means her tail bone was pointed in at the bottom end of her spine, causing her an immense amount of pain. After two treatments she is pain free and loving life. Telling all her friends how it is a miracle, she had to take daily injections that she doesn’t take anymore.